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OpenCL pipes are part of the OpenCL Specification version 2.0. They provide a mechanism for passing data to kernels and synchronizing kernels with high efficiency and low latency.Implement pipes if it is important that your OpenCL kernel is compatible with other SDKs. The schedule of the channel read operations from c0 and c1 might occur in the reversed order as the channel write operations to c0 and c1. That is, the producer kernel writes to c0 but the consumer kernel might read from c1 first.

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If you call consumermore than twice, consumer stalls because there is insufficient data in the pipe. In other words, data written to a pipe persists across multiple work-groups and NDRange invocations. However, data is not persistent across multiple or different invocations of kernel programs that result in FPGA reprogramming operations. Data written to a pipe remains in a pipe provided that the kernel program remains loaded on the FPGA device.

Vectorizing a kernel that uses pipes creates multiple pipe masters and requires arbitration, which OpenCL pipes specification does not support. Multiple work-item accesses to a pipe can be useful in some scenarios. For example, they are useful when data words in the pipe are independent, or when the pipe is implemented for control logic. The main concern regarding multiple work-item accesses to a pipe is the order in which the kernel writes data to and reads data from the pipe.

Simulator or Emulator what is difference

If possible, the OpenCL pipes process work-items read and write operations to a pipe in a deterministic order. As such, the read and write operations remain consistent across kernel invocations.

For this example, to avoid a deadlock from occurring, you need to invoke the kernel consumer twice for every invocation of the kernel producer. If you call consumer less than twice, producer stalls because the pipe becomes full.


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