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Free Photography Bundle ($180 value): PS actions, LR presets, photo overlays, & publish templates! Get it here. In this tutorial we’ll walk through the procedure for developing a nice, soft calming effect in Adobe Lightroom. At the close of the tutorial you’ll also have the ability to download a free preset which will use the settings shown in the tutorial, so you may use the preset on your own photos if you do not wish to work through the steps. This light effect can be utilized with a huge array of photos, but they tend to work very well with photos and outdoor photographs. The totally free preset at the end of the report is your Soft Blue preset from our new set of Pastel Lightroom Presets. If you enjoy this pastel look please visit the complete set of pastel presets. If you’d like even more Lightroom presets check out our Ultimate Photography Bundle, which includes over different presets. Here is a”before” version of the photo that we will be operating with. And here is a sneak peak of the end result that we’ll be producing in this tutorial. Step 1: The simple Section of the Develop ModuleTo begin we’ll make some alterations in the”Fundamental” section of Lightroom’s develop module. I’m likely to alter the FREE Pastel Lightroom Presets vulnerability to lighten the picture a bit (this placing vary depending on the photograph which you’re working with, by way of example, if you’re starting with a photo that’s finished or underexposed). I’ll also provide the photo a slight increase in contrast by placing the contrast slider into +10. In the highlights, reds, whites, and blacks place I shall change the settings to +5, +and +12. This will further lighten the photo, but it is going to impact the dark regions (through the shadows and blacks configurations ) more than it’ll impact the lighter areas. Next, we’ll change some settings in the”Presence” section. I am placing emotion to -5 to give a subtle softening effect to this photograph, which will work nicely with the milder picture and the delicate tones that will be added. I am also setting the vibrance to -15 and warmth to -25, All these configurations will create the colours of the photo a bit more dull, which can work well with the soft tones. At this point our work in advance looks like this:You may observe the effects of lightening the photo along with desaturating it. Step 2: The Tone CurveThe second thing we’ll do is make a small edit to the tone , that will again lighten the photo a little

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