On line Statements-What are Online Statements?Frequently Asked Concerns

On line Statements-What are Online Statements?Frequently Asked Concerns

On the web Statements are electronic copies of one’s BBVA account statements. There’s two online variations presented for every single declaration:

  • Certified Statement – it seems just like a duplicate of one’s paper declaration because that’s exactly just what it really is, a duplicate of one’s paper declaration. It shows all of the information that is same you will get on your own paper declaration. The main benefit of an online official statement is the fact that you will see, print or save yourself a duplicate of the declaration at your convenience.
  • Interactive eStatement – all the information from your own paper declaration is shown, you could connect to it to sort transactions by date, quantity, or description for easier watching. You may also review just your deposits or checks and withdrawals. It may be printed and exported in a CSV or PDF structure.

What do on line Statements seem like?

On line Statements are presented in 2 platforms:

  • Certified Statement – This appears the same as the paper declaration you will get today. In the event that you currently receive check pictures along with your declaration, you may receive a precise copy of these pictures aswell.
    • In the event that you get merely a declaration, (without check pictures), you’ll see a precise content of this declaration.
    • For more information on viewing Check pictures, frequently visit the expected questions regarding Image Viewing.
  • Interactive eStatement -You’ll see most of the information through the certified Statement, however it is presented in a fashion that lets you connect to it.
    You are able to sort it, export it, save it, printing it and handle the data the means you would like.

I really do not require to get a paper declaration through the mail. Just how do I stop that?

Check in to Online Banking and go right to the Service Center part, where you are able to turn fully off as well as on paper statements for many or each of your web Banking checking, savings and cash market records.

What goes on if I stop paper statements then dec >

You can easily quickly choose to receive paper statements once again by signing in to on line Banking and making that selection when you look at the Service Center part. In the event that you no further gain access to on line Banking, call 1-800-273-1057 and we’ll enable your paper statements on the phone.

Which records qualify for Online Statements?

On the web Statements are now available for several BBVA checking, cost savings and cash market records.

We access a joint account through on the web Banking. Could I see an Online Statement for a account that is joint?

Yes. Either account holder can view Online Statements. Once an on line declaration can be obtained, both customers can see it, even when they will have separate on line Banking solutions.

Whenever am I able to view On The Web Statements?

Current account included with a new online banking solution:

  • Official Online Statements for the calendar that is current should be available a single day you add the account to your on line Banking solution.
  • Deals through the account’s past statement period will likely to be for sale in the Interactive on line Statements on the business that is second following the brand brand new on the web Banking solution had been put up.

New account put into current or brand new on line Banking solution:

  • Both the Official and Interactive Online Statement would be offered by the termination for the very first declaration cycle for the brand new account.

Just exactly How many Online Statements will I manage to view online?

As much as 16 monthly on the web Statements should be designed for one to see.

Just how long is my Online Statement available?

After 16 months, your oldest on line Statement will not be around to view online. You will are able to conserve or print an Online Statement whilst it seems in your Online Statement list.

Just how much do Online Statements expense?

There isn’t any cost to see A online declaration.

Exactly exactly exactly How can I understand a brand new online statement is prepared to be considered?

In two ways if you no longer receive paper statements, BBVA will contact you:

  • A notice shall be delivered to you in on the web Banking. You will see this notice into the Alerts field from the Account Overview display when you to remain to Online Banking.
  • An email will be sent to the email target you have got supplied us. For the security, that e-mail message will never ever contain a web link to on line Banking.

Do i want any unique computer software to view Online Statements?

  • An email target
  • Adobe Reader latest variation –
  • Windows XP/Vista/7 or maybe more and Macintosh 9.0 or maybe more
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 800×600 or more video clip resolution (recommended)
  • Internet Access (28.8/56 kbps modem, cable modem, DSL, etc.)
  • 128-bit Browser; variations allow me to share supported

On paper similarity checker Line Banking

Web browser 9.0 or maybe more

Safari 6.0 or maybe more

Mozilla Firefox 19 or more

Mozilla Firefox (all variations)

Bing Chrome 26 or more

Mozilla Firefox 19 or more

Opera 9.10 or more
( will perhaps not help Bill Pay Service)

Bing Chrome 26 or more

Safari 3.0.4 for Windows or higher version that is beta will perhaps not help Bill Pay service)

Netscape 8.0+
( will likely not offer the Bill Pay service)

AOL 9.0 or maybe more
( will likely not help Bill Pay Service)

or windows 7, Vista, 7 or maybe more Macintosh 10.6 or maybe more

Web browser 9.0 or more

Safari 5.1 or more

Mozilla Firefox 19 or more

Mozilla Firefox 19 or maybe more

Bing Chrome 26 or more

Google Chrome 26 or maybe more

JAWS 12.0 and greater

The requirements that are minimum Web enabled mobile phones are:

Just how do on the web Statements help alleviate problems with >

On the web Statements are encrypted and kept in the On the web bank operating system where state-of-the creative art safety measures are accustomed to make fully sure your protection. Consumer IDs and Passwords are required to get into your on line Statement, making your details safer than it really is in your mailbox or garbage can, where identification thieves can certainly grab your paper statements.


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or windows 7, Vista, 7 or maybe more Macintosh 10.6 or maybe more